The Value of Humanity

Being a human isn't an option, nor a choice. It can be viewed by some as a gift and by others a curse. A matter of perception, the point of view held by the one standing in those shoes. Regardless of which window you pick your view, one fact remains and that's the value of humanity. Unlike the creatures and crawlers of this world we humans are capable of great things. We have power and abilities to change the very lives we live and the people we interact with. VALUE. Every interaction has at some point been meticulously planned and forecasted either by the "human" or the "deity" in which you believe. The best part is we can choose right left up down however you chose to see it. The ability to care, work, change outcomes, breed life, cohabitate, COOK, groom ourselves, heal one another and so much more creates unlimited value within itself. the value of humanity in my view is PRICELESS!